Friday, January 2, 2009

'No Irish need apply' - Polish builders get their own back

'NO Irish need apply' - the signs are already going up on building sites abroad in a throwback to the grim days of the the last century.

But this time they are starting to appear in Poland as that country takes its revenge for the way in which some unscrupulous Irish contractors treated their countrymen during the years of the Celtic Tiger.

Trade union official Michael Kilcoyne - also president of the Consumers Association of Ireland - said it had recently been brought to his attention that the 'No Irish' signs had appeared on a couple of Polish building sites where workers were being sought.


Hail Ireland ! said...

"Polish builders get their own back" for what ?

They steal Irish jobs and send Irish money to Poland.

Ungrateful parasite scum !

fraz1971 said...

Ingrates the lot of them. Their attitude was displayed from the start. You could see the arrogance in them. You are born in a town and feel it is part of who you are from growing up there. They arrive and expect you to step aside for them in a supermarket. They are usually in a gang when at their most arrogant.