Thursday, January 8, 2009

Migrant numbers down but still high

The CSO report shows that 215,300 PPSNs were allocated to foreign nationals in 2007, down from 226,800 in 2006. This was mainly due to a drop of more than 25,000 in the number given to people from the 10 countries which joined the EU in 2004.

These still accounted for just over half of the total for 2007, however, with the number of arrivals from Poland the highest at 79,700. The UK was next, followed by Romania and Lithuania.

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•DresdenDoll• said...

Im glad i've found this blog, is nice to know that there're comrades in struggle there in the Emerald Isle.
All my best for you, who want a Shining Nation.

Sincerely Yours, a Ns Proudly Irish Descendant from Argentina.