Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Israel a terror state and envoy should be expelled, says FF TD

FIANNA FÁIL TD Chris Andrews has described Israel as a "terror state".

Speaking at the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs committee yesterday, which focused on the situation in Gaza, Mr Andrews said Israel had the right to defend itself but its approach was disproportionate.

"Israel has descended to such levels of brutality that it can only now be classified as a terror state," he said. "Israel appears to be uncontrollable. Israel is acting as a rogue state."

Mr Andrews said Irish supermarkets and shops should not stock what he described as "settler produce".

He called for an economic, diplomatic and political boycott of Israel, "until they realise that their actions do have consequences".

Mr Andrews has previously called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Ireland.

At yesterday's meeting he said: "My views on recalling, expelling the ambassador I still stand over."

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