Monday, January 5, 2009

70% of asylum seekers already have UK history

SEVEN out of 10 applicants for asylum here already have an immigration history in the UK. Unpublished end-of-year statistics also revealed that 1,000 bogus asylum seekers have left the State in the past year.

The end-of-year total represents a 23pc increase on the corresponding figure for 2007.

A breakdown of the statistics into categories of asylum applicants shows that :

- 491 of them were children between the ages of three months and three years and many of those claims were not lodged until the parents' applications had been turned down and they were facing deportation.

- 250 applications were lodged from behind prison bars.

- More than 250 applicants were found, through the Eurodac fingerprint database, to have already made claims in another EU country.

- Over 600 made asylum claims after they had already been in the State for more than six months.

- 70pc of all asylum applicants had an immigration history in the UK and this amounted to 600 people in 2008.

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