Friday, August 8, 2008

Welfare fraud crackdown raises €238 million

A total of €238 million was saved in the first six months of this year through a crackdown on welfare fraud, it was revealed today.

The biggest amount - €80 million - was recouped by reviewing 200,000 claims for one-parent family payments, while an examination of unemployment payments saved €55 million and a further €37 million came back from illness payments.

The Minister said she hopes to recoup €525 million from fraud controls during 2008.

More than 600 staff at local, regional and national level are engaged on a full or part-time basis on work related to the control of fraud and abuse of the social welfare system.

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Hail Ireland ! said...

Welfare fraud is rife with both Irish and foreign nationals being the culprits.

It's stealing from the hard working Irish taxpayer and taking money that is much needed for health and education services.

If you know anyone committing welfare fraud please contact . Don't let them away with it !