Saturday, August 30, 2008

Muslim community in plea for more burial grounds

LOCAL AUTHORITIES throughout the State should make more burial spaces available for Muslims as, currently, there is just one graveyard in the Republic where they can be buried, a spokesman for the community in Ireland has said.

Ali Selim, secretary of the Irish Council of Imams and based at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Dublin's Clonskeagh, said: "If a Muslim dies in Cork or Galway he or she has to be brought to Newlands Cross cemetery in Dublin for burial."

According to the 2006 census there are 32,500 Muslims in the State, but this is believed to be considerably short of the true figure.

Imam Hussein Halawa, chairman of the Irish Council of Imams and imam of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh, has put the real figure at approximately 45,000, made up of about 50 nationalities.

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Anonymous said...

Saturate their unholy burial ground with pigsblood!

Boycott businesses that employ them

Never tolerate people who have no tolerance for your culture and laws!