Tuesday, August 12, 2008

'No foreigners' house to let sign sparks outrage in the North

A “No Foreigners” sign on a house to let in Belfast provoked outrage today.The offensive and illegal sign on the three-bedroom house in the loyalist Donegall Road area of south Belfast declared “This property is not available for any foreigners.”

Chinese-born Anna Lo, South Belfast Alliance Party Assembly member, was outraged.

Ms Lo said: “This is sickening. To treat other human beings like that is simply appalling. I hope action is taken to remove this sign immediately – we must never see anything like this again.”

The Donegall Road area is home to a substantial number of people from Asian communities and other migrant workers.

There have been a number of attacks on homes occupied by foreign nationals and the landlord behind the sign said a Romanian tenant fled last week after the windows were smashed and the bin set on fire outside the front door.

Ms Lo said he was still breaking the law as spelt out under the Race Relations Act.


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