Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fears for future cloud asylum-seeker's joy

A TOGOLESE student passed his exams with distinction -- despite having the threat of deportation hanging over him.

A delighted Thomas Atcha (19) yesterday celebrated passing all six subjects he sat at Summerhill College, in Sligo, achieving a B1 in geography and a B2 in English.

"I am really pleased. It is looking great. I think I will definitely get my first choice of business marketing at Sligo IT," he said.

But Thomas, who sought asylum after arriving in Ireland as an unaccompanied minor two years ago, is still unsure what the future holds for him.

The Refugee Appeals Tribunal rejected his application but he believes if he returns to the African country he will be in trouble for alleged political activity for which he had been detained.

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Hail Ireland ! said...

He's been here for two years and recieved education at the Irish tax payers expense.