Friday, August 15, 2008

Nigerian town councillor calls for more recognition for foreign qualifications

Many immigrants with university degrees are being forced to work as cleaners or in factories, it has been claimed.

Nigerian-born member of Ennis Town Council, Cllr Taiwo Matthew called for a better system for recognising overseas educational qualifications in the country. The trained doctor became the first immigrant elected to a local authority, in 2004.


Hail Ireland ! said...

Non-Irish should not be allowed hold any political positions in Ireland.

This immigrant will obviously be fighting for the rights of other immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Good luck from Scotland with the blog.

Suggest posting links, etc. other forums.

As a nationalist blogger myself it is difficult to attract an audient, but readership will grow.


Hail Ireland ! said...


I only started it two weeks ago and it's getting plenty of hits now that it's on a few toplists.


Anonymous said...

Suggest putting links Stormfront & VNN's Irish sections,actully you have readers in Ulster too mate.

Again, our very best wishes comrade.

Anonymous said...

Note some links have been created.

Hail Ireland ! said...

Yes, I noticed a couple earlier.

If that was you then thank you, and if it wasn't you then thanks to whoever it was.


Anonymous said...

Don't they need doctors in Nigeria?

There is a serious brain-drain going on in third-world countries.

They are morally bound to take care of their own peoples.