Monday, August 11, 2008

39% of people recieving rent allowance are foreigners

THE State is spending around €150m a year hosting a "United Nations" of nationalities in rented properties, according to new figures.

People from 161 different countries, ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, are in receipt of the free rental allowance.

They account for 39pc of the 63,000 people on the means-tested scheme, which costs a total of €390m annually and is generally open only to those who are unemployed.

Although 61pc of people on the scheme are Irish, the numbers of immigrants on rent allowance has been increasing steadily.

There are more than 3,000 from Nigeria, 3,000 from the UK, 1,950 from Poland and 1,130 from Romania. Small countries like the Bahamas, Chile, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Grenada and Honduras have just one citizen each on the scheme.

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Daithi said...

Foreign nationals can claim welfare from the Irish state for 3 months while still being in their own country, after the 3 months is up it gets cut off, this meens they can leave Ireland and get 3 months payment , but foreign nationals are not told of this right, i have mentioned it to many Pols and they gladly took the chance and are now happily back home with 3 months cash being sent to them.
surely if we actually told these people of their rights we may see tens of thousands going home instead of claiming here for the next 6 months pluss.
I would have thought now is the time to get people out as the work has dried up.
Anyone who reads this please inform Foreign nationals to ask the social welfare departments about this 3 months payment rights, if foreign nationals leave it will empty letting properties which will make house prices fall and allow the Irish to buy in our own country, price of food and clothes will also drop in price, tourist will re start to see Ireland as a cheap destination which will create jobs for US as we will be the only ones left to take them.
The government will not then have to borrow 400 million a day to pay the welfare.

If a foreign national has payed taxes he/she gets them back at the end of each year, they then claim welfare for themselves and kids along with rent allowence , this adds up to about 600 each per wk,to which they send half straight out of the country, how many jobs pay 600 euro a wk in taxes ? so how much have these people actually helped the country ?

lets work together and get that 39% off of the welfare spunging list