Sunday, August 31, 2008

Group aims to help Moldovan immigrants

A new group to promote the interests of Moldovans living in Ireland was launched today.

It is estimated that 5,000 emigrants from the eastern European state live here and organisers said it is hoped the association will help develop stronger relations between the two countries.

Moldovan Elena Secas, the first non-national to stand for election to Limerick County Council, said the association will give a voice to a people not as well known as other immigrant groups.


Hail Ireland ! said...

How are Moldovans getting in to Ireland ?

They can't be refugees, because there's no war or famine there, and we sure don't need any more unskilled migrant workers.

They're not in the EU, although when Romania joined there was a rush among Moldovans to get Romanian passports.

I wonder if the Moldovans here have Romanian or Moldovan passports.

Anonymous said...

Your traitorous government opened the doors wide open for them, and you have to fit the bill!