Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reports of racial discrimination up 100%

The number of cases of racial discrimination in the workplace referred to the Equality Tribunal reached 307 last year, an increase of over 100% on the previous year.

Cases of discrimination on the grounds of race and disability saw the biggest jump in figures last year, the report says.

The number of cases of racial discrimination accounted for almost half of the claims relating to employment, of which there were 667.


Hail Ireland ! said...

Irelands immigrants are cashing in any way they can.

It's no surprise that racial discrimination cases have risen as it's very difficult for an Irish person to get a job these days, unless they're highly skilled.

da bounes said...

I live in USA, but my heart is in Ireland. My father and grandparents would roll over if they knew what has become of their homeland :-( Fight the good fight!