Sunday, February 7, 2010

'Nigerian mother Izevbekhai's document is another forgery'

THE state will claim in the Supreme Court this week that the latest documentation supplied to the court by a Nigerian woman claiming her daughter died from female genital mutilation (FGM) is another forgery, the Sunday Tribune can reveal.

Mother-of-two Pamela Izevbekhai has enlisted a new lawyer to represent her in the Supreme Court on Thursday in a bid to prevent the deportation of her family.

The tab the taxpayer has picked up for Izevbekhai's case has surpassed €1m


Anonymous said...

this fraudster has made a mockery of the judicial system and the judicial system has made a mockery of the Irish taxpayer

good heavens! it should not take this long nor cost this much to deport an obvious, scheming huslter as she

Daithi said...

So this might actually end this Thursday , i am sure whenever it does it will be a fast deportation, i just hope the government then wakes up and sees Nigerians for what they really are, free loading fraudulent scum.

Anonymous said...

Pam-a-liar latest news as of 11-2-10

A challenge by the Sligo-based Nigerian woman Pamela Izevbekhai to her deportation has been adjourned again after the Supreme Court raised new legal questions about her appeal.

The court has asked both sides in the case for submissions on whether or not she was entitled to take a case under legislation which was brought into effect after her deportation order was signed.

Lawyers for the State told the Supreme Court this morning that Ms Isevbekhai had now accepted that a second set of documents were not genuine but were obtained in good faith.

Chief Justice John Murray said there was 'almost a jurisdictional' issue to be argued, referring to a regulation which came into effect in October 2006.

Ms Izevbekhai's deportation order pre-dates the regulation. The case was adjourned for three weeks to allow both sides to prepare submissions

The silver lining in this drawn out case is that many people are becoming aware of the unfolding truth for what she really is; a bogus invader.

Daithi said...

She will still be able to stay after she will claim that after this high profile case that she will be persecuted if returned home , a person does not have to prove that they have a genuine fear of persecution , i bet she will still be here even if she fails in her bid for bogus asylum.