Monday, February 15, 2010

Immigrants unable to renew permits over admin blunder

THOUSANDS of immigrants are terrified they could yet lose their eligibility for citizenship after they found themselves unable to renew their residency permits over the past six weeks.

Parents of Irish-born children, who have to renew these permits every three years. were being turned away by gardaĆ­ this year even though INIS had taken advertisements in newspapers last December saying that GNIB and local immigration offices were now taking charge of processing the permits. Up to 17,000 immigrants have this IBC/05 status due to their children’s Irish birth.

Such immigrants cannot legally work in this country without an up-to-date permit and the Immigrant Council of Ireland say several have contacted them to say they have lost their jobs over a lack of up-to-date documentation.


Daithi said...

This will go one of two ways , either the government will say sorry and re new all of the permissions to stay or it will only re new those who are still in work.

I hope they turn around and deny all of them and save the country a lot of money , hopefully then the parents of the IBC's will also take the children home to whatever country they came from , remember they only have to take them home for a period of 2 years and the child will then fail the habitual residency rule in Ireland.

There may be a silver lining here folks after all.

Daithi said...

Hail Ireland , can you please look at this site i post below for Residents against racism and watch the video link with Rossana Flynn on the right where the kids are holding flags and it seems RAR have just 3 members which the leader is English.... i am sure she says in the first few seconds that the children were born before January 2009 when the law was changed , mm wasn't it changed in January 2005 after the 2004 referendum ? wonder she keeps losing these battles if she cant even get the laws right.

Daithi said...

sorry forgot link