Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nigerian 'king' lost Tesco job because of regal duty

A Nigerian king-in-waiting who was fired after he overstayed a Tesco time-off deal for regal duties in his home village has been awarded €10,000 compensation for unfair dismissal.

Mr Agbaje, who said he is now a taxi driver taking home €31 a week after expenses, had started work with Tesco in May 2006. Speaking at his home in Co Offaly yesterday, Mr Agbaje expressed disappointment at the level of the tribunal settlement.

As he comes from royal lineage, Mr Agbaje had been required to carry out ceremonies in his native village in preparation for his ascendancy to the throne.


Daithi said...

Yet another Nigerian who once given permission to remain in Ireland after being telling our government that he will be persecuted in Nigeria , finds that Nigeria is in fact safe and returns there to take up his "kingship" for several months at a time.

If he is a "king" then why would he have worked in Tesco in the first place.

When will this government wake up.

We need a law that prohibits those given permission to remain here on grounds of persecution in their home country from being allowed to return to that country for at least 10 years , i bet we will see a huge drop in Asylum cases based on this bogus persecution .

We keep hearing stories such as this where the applicant for asylum returns to the very place where they claimed to be persecuted as if the Irish passport has some magical shield that defends them from all evil .

Didnt the "Mayor" of Portlaoise do the same when he got given leave to remain , he took a trip to Nigeria and took a title of kingship.

Anonymous said...

toss the scamming cunt back to his backward kingdom