Monday, February 8, 2010

Libyan teen sentenced for threat

A Libyan teenager who threatened to follow an employee of the Refugee Reception and Integration Office home and burn down her house after his request for accommodation was refused has been given a partly suspended sentence.

Hisham Ali Saad (aged 19) became frustrated and overwhelmed at the asylum system following his arrival in Ireland alone in 2008 after his brother was shot dead during an anti-Gadaffi protest in Libya.


Anonymous said...

“I have to take a dim view of this kind of behaviour,” Judge Hunt

It's "wet noodle" admonishing remarks such as the above, that only serve to further embolden bogus refugees trying to gain a foothold in a country not their own.

It also a pathetic demonstration showing just how weak Ireland's court system really is. News travels quickly back to other countries' nationals who see the opportunity, that they too, will be treated lightly.

"Judge Hunt sentenced Saad to four years before he gave him credit for the five months he had spent on remand in prison and SUSPENDED the balance on strict conditions."

This dangerous FOREIGN character should have been made an example by ordering him detained until all his refugee appeals were exhausted and then deported forthwith!

Meanwhile, the Irish citizen who was victimised in her own country, has been given a life sentence of enhanced fear while this Libyan gets a free pass to continue walking around Irish streets, when he should be exercising his legs on Libyan soil this very moment.

"....after his brother was shot dead during an anti-Gadaffi protest in Libya."

Says who? Any follow-up investigation of this assertion? Even if true, so what?

Just how naive can westerners get before they self-destruct due to stupidity?

Daithi said...

So are we to take the families of anyone who was involved in demonstrations against the government in their countries ?
Should we take anyone who decided in their mind to carry out a criminal activity at home , but then when they thought they may be caught decided it best if they flee to another country as far away as possible ?

The government have recognised that our prisons are over flowing , mmmm well if we had a law preventing a person with a criminal record to claim asylum here then the prisons would be half empty saving us money.

America Canada and Australia have such laws so why can't we ?

How many rapist Murderers thieves and other criminals are we to allow in before the government make a educated law.

Why the hell do we have to watch our country go broke again and full of foreign criminals , Other countries laugh at us as all they have to do to save money is give prisoners one way tickets to Ireland , Just like Poland did when they were allocated a certain amount of PPS numbers.

These criminals manged to either end up in our prisons or are in Galway the heart of our tourist area living on the streets while claiming long term welfare , i know i lived in the city center for a year and spoke to many of them, at Day they go to charity places like Simon community halls to get fed and for the night to the homeless shelter for sleeping bags and tents and more food , all the time drinking away the €198 given by hard working Irish tax payers. and when this cash runs out many shop lift or tap for cash from our visiting tourists .
those tourists wont return in the future. .