Thursday, February 18, 2010

Call for asylum system shake-up

The current system for accommodating asylum seekers puts their basic human rights at risk and should be scrapped, campaigners have said.

But the Free Legal Advice Centre (Flac) said the system had failed to provide many of those seeking refuge with adequate funds, food and living standards.

At its One Size Doesn't Fit All report launch in Dublin, the group called for the abolition or radical reform of the policy and a major hike in the weekly allowance for applicants.

There are currently around 6,640 people living in direct provision.


Daithi said...

This makes my blood boil , so we do not give sufficient provision to people that are more than likely to be found out as fraudulent claimers , well why dont we let them work and give them welfare while they claim , then at the end of it we can say oh look you worked really well earnt lots of money now can you take it out of the country , oh wait thats called a visa applicant , has this immigration board recognised the difference between an Illegal Asylum seeker and what constitutes someone on a Legal Visa

Daithi said...

what ever happened to the idea of paying them to go home ?
Spain did it , Australia did it , Canada did it but oh no if we did it we are racist.