Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ill Nigerian girl spared deportation

A seriously-ill Nigerian girl has been spared deportation tonight when officials agreed to review her family's case.

The Department of Justice confirmed that Ayodola Adekunle (5) and her family were granted a last-minute reprieve after her legal team intervened.

She suffers from sickle-cell anaemia and had her spleen removed more than a year ago, leaving her susceptible to infections and malaria.

The family - who have exhausted all legal channels of the asylum process - were due to be deported tonight.


Anonymous said...

prior to the 2004 citizenship referendum, nigerians were arriving pregnant or getting pregnant on irish soil for citizenship. now all they need is a runny nose or a cough to gain permanent residency. there are only a billion other chinese, 200 million pakis and 170 million nigerians to make their way. feel sick? head to ireland! >:(

Daithi said...

in the report it says that the women and children were to be deported that night , was there any others that were actually deported that night or were they going to be the only failed asylum seekers going home ?

are there any news articles anywhere highlighting deportations this year ?

Hail Ireland ! said...

There are a few articles posted on this site regarding deportations.

Just click on the label "deportations" below this article to view them.

Daithi said...

Hail Ireland thanks but a lot of those are ones i sent into you in the first place, if those are the only deportations it looks very bad and we do not deport many , this year 1 mass deportation and thats all.

Anonymous ...they are still arriving pregnant it is just we don't hear about it , many of those who did have a child under the IBC 2005 system were due to request a renewed permission for temp residency in January of this year , ONLY the actual child got leave to remain here under the system and not the parents , the parents have to renew their status every 5 year period , as the economy has dropped off many of those parents now face deportation or free flights at the Irish tax payers expence as they can not be self sufficient .
The child will be allowed to remain here as it is classed as an Irish citizen , this only accounts for those children born in the state before 1st January 2005 , children born after that date are given the citizenship of their parents unless one parent has full Irish citizenship.

Hail Ireland ! said...

Daithi, those deportations are the only ones reported in the media so I guess they are the only ones that have taken place.

Hail Ireland ! said...

According to this news story there have been five mass deportations so far this year.