Saturday, February 6, 2010

Muslim group urges acceptance of niqab

THE IRISH Council of Imams, a group which represents Muslims living in Ireland, has spoken out against attempts to ban the niqab elsewhere in Europe and called on members of the religion to contribute positively to the societies in which they are living.

The council said that a ban on the niqab – a veil worn by Muslim women that covers everything except the eyes – violates personal freedoms guaranteed by democratic systems.

It added that such bans also constitute an obstacle to multiculturalism, integration and human rights.

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Daithi said...

Under Sharia Law they do not pay taxes on loans morgages or anything else as the Koran forbids it , so why the hell have this government started to change laws to allow this to happen ?
They have banged on about how they want to integrate but then they are not willing to pay for the services through taxes.
In 2002 there were just 15,000 muslims in 2006 32,000 and now in 2010 they claim 50,000 and yet no one sees a trend here.