Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zimbabwean chosen to run for Green Party

THE Green Party are looking to a Zimbabwean community representative to run for the organisation in south Dublin in next year's local elections.

Tendai Madondo moved to Ireland in 2002 with her husband Farai, who is a civil engineer with South Dublin County Council.

The Green Party has officially ratified Mrs Madondo to run as a candidate in Tallaght South in next year's local elections.

"Tallaght is a 'rainbow area' now," said Tendai Madondo. "There are families from all over the world who have come to live and work here."

But Ms Madondo said that she is not exclusively going to represent the 'new Irish' community.



Hail Ireland ! said...

"New Irish," excuse me while I vomit.

Anonymous said...

Take back your country! Organize, demonstrate, put pressure on , back the ICP.

Start taking back your country.

Ireland for the real Irish!

The "new irish" are NO irish!