Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Child benefit payments halted for over 7,000 non-nationals

A major clampdown on child benefits has seen payments to more than 7,000 non-nationals cancelled.

In excess of half a billion euro has been given to non-Irish families in the past two years.

But the Department of Social and Family Affairs has undertaken a serious review in the past year to control against fraud and abuse of the scheme.

Around 70,000 letters have been issued from the department to non-Irish national since November last year.

Some 13,713 claimants did not reply within 21 days, and as a result 3,629 have had their claims terminated.

The Herald has learned that in excess of €4bn was paid out in child benefit between 2006 and 2007. Of that figure almost €600m was handed out to non-Irish nationals, some of whom do not even have children living here. One-in-seven recipients of child benefit was not born in Ireland.


Anonymous said...

Excellent site. Let us do all we can to show our people what the criminals in Leinster House have done.

Let us all be proud to be white and Irish. Our people are such a old race.

Let us stand against the enemy.

Anonymous said...

What I can not figure out is why Ireland would allow Negro filthy immigrants into the country in the first place.

What good could possibly ever come of that? Answer None.

Keep Ireland WHITE!

Hail Ireland ! said...

Many of those immigrant scum who are scamming the welfare system are white.

Keep Ireland IRISH!

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