Saturday, November 29, 2008

Foreign workers set to "suffer more" during recession

Exploitation of migrant workers is likely to rise, with employers desperate to make savings in the recession.

Discrimination of migrant workers in Ireland is now the second highest problem, according to the Equality Authority, with scores of cases being brought before the Equality Tribunal every year.

Mr David Joyce, equality officer of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, says that migrant workers may be entering a period of great risk in terms of discrimination in these tough economic times.

"There may be more acute challenges now that we're living in a recession. All of our previous experiences have come out of boom times, but we may now see other challenges."


Hail Ireland ! said...

It's funny how nobody spoke out when these same foreign workers were taking the jobs from the native Irish.

When cheap foreign labour forced the Irish out of their jobs it was called sensible business practice, now the poor migrants aren't getting their annual pay rise it's called exploitation.

Anonymous said...

Typical unions supporting the foreign invaders who are taking our jobs ,health,education.

These union officials were on the board of Fas scamming the Irish taxpayer.