Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poles claim Irish dole from Poland

POLISH workers leaving for home are being given classes in how to keep milking Britain’s benefits system.

Now Polish jobs chiefs are even holding lessons on how to keep taking cash from the Government in the UK and in Ireland, where foreign workers are leaving in their droves.

Another job centre, in Rzeszow, south-east Poland, said it received more inquiries about unemployment benefits in one week than it had in the whole of the previous year as Poles return from Ireland, where work is in short supply.

They only need to prove that they have been employed there for 39 weeks to qualify for job seekers’ allowance.


Anonymous said...

its a fucking joke, i have been living in sligo now for 5 years and the sympathy them cunts are getting is a joke, mostly from the local community, surely the bastards have not spent anything since they came here they should have money coming out of there ears.

Anonymous said...

They have spent very little. My advice is to vote for a person who will say enough is enough. Immigrants want to get elected in 2009.

Many decent people who have lived all their lives in their own country are now becoming 2nd class citizens.
Be level headed and help elect someone who will know the issues in your area but will be anti-immigration.

Daithi said...

Any party who has foreign people as their elect nomonee dont vote for them, id say find a person who is an independent and throw the vote at them, that way the main partys wont win the seats..the polish treat the irish like we owe them, i have a pol living in my house (not owned by me) he claims welfare and still works 2 wks each month on building sites in Dublin, i told the welfare department and all they said is yeah we know its happening everywhere.