Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ECHR asks Government not to deport Nigerian woman

The European Court of Human Rights has formally asked the Government not to deport a Nigerian woman and her two young daughters to Nigeria until it has considered her arguments against the deportation orders, including that her two daughters face a real risk of female genital mutilation if returned.

The letter of request from the ECHR was issued yetserday shortly after of a High Court judge's rejection of Pamela Izevbekhai's application for an injunction restraining her family's deportation until the Irish courts have determined her judicial review challenge to the Minister for Justice's refusal last March to consider her claim for "subsidiary protection" here.


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Hail Ireland ! said...

This is a clear case of the EU sticking their noses into Irelands business.

If the Lisbon treaty or any other pro EU treaty is passed in Ireland we can expect much more foreign interference in our national affairs.