Monday, September 15, 2008

Study on children and racism

TWO studies on children’s experiences of racism in Ireland are to be undertaken by Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT).

As concern grows that the economic downturn may prompt a shift in attitudes towards migrants and an increase in racism, the institute’s Centre for Social and Family Research has won research contracts worth €250,000 to study Polish migrants in Ireland and the effect of modern lifestyles on migrant children.

One of the research projects, Motherhood and Social Integration: the case of Polish migrants in Ireland highlights that 60% of all EU workers in Ireland are from Poland and 33% of these are women.

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Anonymous said...

funny how WIT out of all the colleges out there was chosen for this study. Expect a biased piece of crap report that highlights the great merits of these polski and the "intolerance" and "lack of acceptance" from the Irish.

Waterford is filled with these slavs, and the sad thing is that most Irish don't do a thing about it.