Sunday, September 14, 2008

The have and have nots different view on immigration

With a quarter of a million on the dole and rising, seven out of 10 of us are -- according to a survey published last week -- worried about keeping our jobs.

With one in eight workers in the economy being immigrants, more and more people now believe immigration needs to be controlled. And jobs are not the only worry.

Our culture, our sense of identity -- the thing we cling to when the economy let's us down -- is under threat. Some groups, mainly the well-paid elites, argue that we should change the religious status of our schools, not to mention that of the Irish language, to make ourselves more accommodating to immigrants.

The jobs of the elites -- professionals and public-sector workers -- are largely insulated from displacement.

For them, immigration means cheaper au pairs and faster service in restaurants. The jobs of the governed aren't.


Anonymous said...

vote yes to lisbon round 2 for the sake of the immigrants jobs!

Hail Ireland ! said...

Cheap labour, that's what it's all about. The rich get richer while the Irish worker gets replaced by some foreign mercenary.