Thursday, September 18, 2008

Immigrant caught with fake driving licence

A GEORGIAN construction worker caught with a fake driving licence has claimed he was forced to buy it because his English wasn't good enough to sit the theory test for an Irish licence.

Zurabi Petrashvil (34) was found with a false Latvian driving licence after gardai stopped him at Blanchardstown.

Judge Patrick McMahon put Petrashvil off the road for two years and fined him €300.


Hail Ireland ! said...

That's a pathetic penalty for this type of crime, which is all too common among immigrants.

Banning him from driving for two years just means he'll have to buy another fake licence.

Anyway what's a georgian doing working in Ireland, surely he should be at home fighting for his country.

Anonymous said...

It's the same thing for all slavs, they should all go back to whatever the hell country they come from and stay there. White or not white, they're not irish and are as shitty as blacks, STAY IN YOUR COUNTRIES