Sunday, September 28, 2008

Only native Irish child in her class

A seven-year-old girl who recently started second class in a school in Balbriggan,?Co Dublin, is the only native Irish child in her class. When Rachel Clarke joined her classmates in Bracken Educate Together school earlier this month, her mother realised she was the only child of Irish parents among the 20 pupils. Niamh Clarke says she was shocked at the sheer number of nationalities in the classroom.

"I felt like I was in a different country, like I was the outsider. At first we were the only white people there. Then when we did see white people coming along, they weren't Irish, they were Polish or Russian," she said.


Anonymous said...

Poor dear. At least she has SOME white children in her class and will at least be able to converse with them as they learn English.As for the rest, when did Ireland become Europe's toilet?

Hail Ireland ! said...

In other words she'll be several years behind other Irish children and she'll end up speaking English with a strong Polish accent.

And the authorities are ok with this.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if we're going for historical accuracy, Australia and the United States are Europe's toilet. That's where the convicts, the exiled, the leprosy victims, etc were sent to. So my dear anonymous, white supremacist friend, here's a pot and a kettle for you to ponder over.

Anonymous said...

So it looks as though Ireland has become the toilet of the 3rd world!
The probability of this poor girl being raped robbed or murdered has increased exponentially. Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

This story is so very disheartening. This poor young girl has been stripped of her cultural circle, in her OWN COUNTRY!! Pathetic =(

Bay Area National Anarchist said...

How absolutely horrifying.

For revolution,

Nationalist said...

Poor girl! Her education will be massively held back because the teachers will cater to the majority and run lessons suitable for non-English speakers. Basically, she has failed before she starts.

Anonymous said...

Her chances of marrying someone who looks like one of her class-mates are significantly increased.

Feel sorry for g'mum having grandkids that will look like whoopi goldberg. :(

Anonymous said...

Truly a sad day in Ireland. I can not believe that this sits well with the Irish in thier own country. I had heard it was getting bad over that way but geeshe! Now this little girl will grow up to marry one of these third world immigrants most likely pushing the Irish farther of the map. She looks so happy, if only she understood what this demographic means to her future. Or, should we say the lack of?

Anonymous said...

BTW it seems the Tribune has pulled the story. The page comes up not found.

Honest Media Today said...

It's sad to see the white-hating Anonymous poster here, who calls America and Australia "Europe's toilet." Were it not for the "toilet"-country America, home of the "white supremacist," Mr. Anonymous would not be sending off his anonymous missives via the computer over the Internet. What has become of Ireland today, and why aren't the Irish standing up to this attack on their culture?

Anonymous said...

White flight
penal law
Racial quotas
affirmative action
hate speech
culture shock
abortion (soon enough, you watch)
anti this
pro that
first black this
first black that
rampant rapes
rampant homicide
ect., ect., ect...

Thanks liberal multiculturalism,
I don't know how Ireland survived without you!

30.06 liberator

Anonymous said...


Ireland should consider securing the existence of its people and a future for white children.


Hail Ireland ! said...

Let's worry more about Ireland providing a future for IRISH children.

Anonymous said...

Hail Ireland ! said...
Let's worry more about Ireland providing a future for IRISH children.

Precisely Hail. Ethnic/racial and cultural replacement is what it is.

The Irish should have protective measures to ensure they stay at least in the eighty percentile, or more, population pecentage wise.

30.06 Liberator