Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nigerian girl trafficked for sex trade goes missing from HSE

A 17-YEAR-OLD Nigerian girl who gardaí believe was trafficked into Ireland to work in the sex industry has gone missing while in the care of the Health Service Executive (HSE).

The girl, who has been on bail since June when she was arrested during a raid on a suspected brothel in Kilkenny city, failed to turn up for a court appearance yesterday.

She had been placed into the care of the HSE on an interim care order and was due to appear before Kilkenny District Court yesterday.

At a previous hearing in July, Judge William Harnett said it appeared she was brought to Ireland "most likely for the purposes of putting her into slavery".

The child had no identification papers when she was found and there was no record of anyone of her name entering the State.

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Hail Ireland ! said...

This is common in Ireland, an unaccompanied minor is sent to Ireland with an address to go to the first chance they get.

They escape from custody and end up working as a prostitute, thief or begger.