Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New drive to cut cost of asylum appeals

NEW measures to reduce the cost of last-minute legal efforts to block the deportation of failed asylum seekers are to be introduced in the new year.

A streamlined judicial review process will mean that an asylum seeker can only seek a single review of a ministerial decision in the courts.

The single procedure will allow all elements of an asylum application to be dealt with together and if the claims are unsuccessful, the failed applicant will be liable for deportation without further court challenges.

This will replace the existing system, which allows multiple attempts to be made in the courts to overturn a decision.

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Daithi said...

More bull from Dermot Ahern , we here the same story every new year but still they fail in implementing the system, i will only believe it is working when we see twice as many failed asylum seekers deported each year, i find it strange that year on year it is around the same number deported but yet we hear the system is tighter.