Friday, December 18, 2009

Immigrant queries on redundancies up

Almost 500 people contacted the Immigrant Council of Ireland about job losses compared with just 70 calls in 2008.

“We have heard rhetoric about the recession taking the urgency out of the need for immigration reform because migrants are supposedly going home,” chief executive of the council Denise Charlton said.

“There are lots of people who are not going home, they’re Irish now or they’re married to someone Irish or their children are Irish.

“What makes up the Irish population has changed for good and despite the recession we still have to ensure that we have a system that can respond to that.”


Hail Ireland ! said...

Denise Charltons comments make me sick. These immigrants are NOT Irish now, their offspring are NOT Irish and having an Irish spouse does NOT make them Irish either.

They came here for money, cheap labour for greedy Capitalist business. They took jobs from Irish nationals, we owe them nothing.

Anonymous said...

That Denise "Charlatan" can not distinguish shit from Shinola !

Damn straight H.I. !

Daithi said...

WELL SAID , in order to be Irish you at least need to have 1 parent with Irish ancestry going back a lot of generations , i can not remember hearing or reading about any Black or Asian fighting in or out side the GPO in 1916 .

I know of a few half cast kids in my road in Dublin that are subject to racist abuse , these are kids with 1 Irish parent so think what is going to happen to the kids with NO Irish parents .

It is time we stood together and actually acted instead of moan and talk.

If we do not start to act now the immigrant population will keep growing and then force us from our city's , this country is so small that eventually we will have nowhere to go but abroad, mind you this is what the EU want as then it makes other countries multi cultural .

Shame they never ask us the people if it is what we want.

Anonymous said...

denise charlton is an extremist.
she is a lesbian activist for gay marriage and adoption.
her parents were embroiled in a court case with the broadcaster pat kenny.She publicly supported her parents.
Her parents are multi millionaires,they live on a large property in south Dublin close to pat kennys residence.These very rich people cant live beside each other without going to war but expect us working class Irish to accept an invasion of africans in our midst.