Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chinese brothels set to open up across country

The Chinese brothels that have opened up in Dublin are set to take off across the country following a decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions not to prosecute two establishments operating in the capital.

However, following revelations in this newspaper, the women working in the brothels stopped openly offering their services and, it is understood, when a detective asked what services were on offer the girl in question made no reply other than "massage".

The use of the euphemism rather than the open offer of sexual services appears to be the point on which the DPP has decided that it would not be possible to prosecute the cases in court.

No major prosecution appears to be under consideration into the very major organised brothel operations in Ireland which are generally controlled from abroad.


Anonymous said...

MPReviews needs to have a massage parlor review section in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

This will only perpetuate human trafficking into Ireland and money flow out of.

Anonymous said...

So....I can now walk up to an Irish bank teller and demand a "loan" instead of using words formulated around my true intentions for which I won't be prosecuted??