Thursday, December 17, 2009

46 Nigerians deported

A TOTAL of 46 Nigerians were deported last night after they had failed in their bid to seek asylum status here.

Gardai from the National Immigration Bureau escorted the group onto a flight to Lagos at Dublin airport after an earlier spate of arrests across the country.

This is the 23rd charter flight to Nigeria. Last October 48 Nigerians were deported, while another 13 were returned to Lagos in September; a group of 35, including a convicted drug dealer, was sent back in June; a further 10 in May; and 30 in April.

Nine out of 10 asylum applications are deemed to be unfounded.


Daithi said...

Nine out of Ten are found to be unfounded but.... only 1 in 10 are deported mmm i wonder where the other 8 out of ever 10 are hiding out as Ireland is so big. NOT

from an estimated 70,000 asylum seekers since 1999 if 1 in ten are removed it means at the least we should have removed 7,000 , if you look at it the other way then 7,000 got permission to stay add these together is 14,000 , so what happened to the other 54,000 that also failed ?

Hail Ireland ! said...

They're probably somewhere in the appeal system, or maybe they married an EU citizen for a nominal fee. They could be hiding out waiting for a new ID so they can apply again, or living off the profits of crime. The list of possibilities is endless.

Anonymous said...

We need a political movement that will rid these nigerians from our country.
A government ,elected by the people to deport or incarcerate these nigerians in prison camps is the first step thats required.
If they came here illegally then they or their kids can never be Irish,they are the enemy within and our government needs to treat them as such.

Anonymous said...

So right, but what will be done about them?

I'd love to know how many Nigerians have acquired the right to stay here, like say over the last ten years??

Daithi said...

well do not forget the IBC law that gave the right to an irish passport just for being here with child , and also for the right to passport under the good friday agreement , 6000 nigerians were just so happened to be in the north at the time of the signing of the good friday agreement , within weeks the all moved to Dublin.