Friday, August 28, 2009

Time period for immigrants to find work extended

THE PERIOD of time allowed to migrant workers to find new employment after they have been made redundant has been extended by Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern.

Certain migrant workers who have lived in the State for under five years and possess a valid work permit are to be given six months to find a new job if they are made redundant, under the new regulations announced yesterday.

Previously, migrant workers from outside the European Economic Area who were made redundant had only three months to find alternative employment or leave the country. The EEA comprises the EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. Non-EEA permit holders comprise 1.5 per cent of the labour force or some 30,000 people.

Mr Ahern said the decision was about protecting jobs and giving migrant workers who had abided by employment laws a chance to stay in the country.


Daithi said...

is it that Mr Ahern wants to protect jobs and then he allows foreign people to stay longer ? doesn't make since when we have almost 450,000 people unemployed, it should be if they lose their jobs get out now .

Anonymous said...

Daithi makes perfect sense.

The foreign labour force should be encouraged to seek employment elsewhere, not us.