Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Romanians who fled attacks return to North

MORE THAN 10 of the 114 members of the Roma community who fled Northern Ireland after a number of racist attacks on them in south Belfast in June have returned to the North, with more due to follow in the coming weeks, writes Gerry Moriarty.

The Roma plan to again take up such work as selling newspapers and washing cars. Their families are expected to join them before the beginning of the school term in September so their children can continue to be educated.

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Daithi said...

so here we are , the north payed thousands of Pounds and probably gave financial aid to these Romanians for when they got home, and yet these every same people are allowed to go back to the north for what a House ? where will they stay ? will the local councils put them up in houses that should go to local people ?
The same houses that the local councils tell local people that they haven't got .
These Romanians how much taxes do they pay when they just sell papers and wash cars ?
Is it enough to cover the price for the houses and schooling and medical for their children ?
Or what about the policing that will now be needed to patrol their area ?
will the Romanians pay enough taxes to cover that ?
Wash cars for 2 years and at the end of it qualify for rent allowence houses and welfare for you and your fifty extended family, just stay for another 3 years after that and qualify for residency and hey then all your family can come over and you all get welfare without paying taxes.