Monday, August 10, 2009

Sinn Féin backs No vote to Lisbon

Sinn Féin tonight officially backed a No vote in the second Lisbon Treaty referendum.

At a meeting of the party’s ard chomhairle president Gerry Adams said it would be formally launching its campaign against the controversial treaty this week.

“This was a bad treaty when last it was presented,” Mr Adams said.

“The people said no. Exactly the same treaty is being presented once again.”


Daithi said...

e fact that Sinn fein is heading the NO campaign will put many voters off, Mary Lou lost her EU seat because of her continued ramblings .
She lost her place at the heart as she calls it in south Dublin.

Facts are no one cares about Sinn fein , they are a party thats dieing and going nowhere into the future.

11 Years they have had to unite the Island and as yet achieved nothing, fact is Gerry Adams and the rest of his merry men and women will never be apart of any government in a united Ireland as no party will ever sit with them, this said they will lose votes and lose jobs , Gerry Adams actually want partition in order to keep his own job.
He gets money from the EU , Republic of Ireland , and the North, and also from Westminster, if we had a united Ireland his party will end up losing all of this .
Vote NO but don't listen to Sinn fein .

Hail Ireland ! said...

I'm no fan of Sinn Fein myself, but they are the only Dail party who oppose the Lisbon treaty.

I hope they make a serious effort and pump plenty of money into the "NO" campaign.

Daithi said...

Well i think it is also down to each us we should get leaflets of our own done and hit the streets, i actually work with Republican Sinn fein (not Gerry Adams sinn fein) we are going to be spreading a NO vote as well, i believe Libertas is to make a come back.
If people really want a NO vote they should do anything they can no matter how small to push for it....i saw this video on youtube from Gordon Brown..

Hail Ireland ! said...

I agree with you that we all should do what we can for the NO campaign.

If that means handing out leaflets from groups we don't usually support then that's what must be done.

If money is available then I think newspaper ads are good, leaflets can be printed on home pc's and the internet itself can be used to get the message across.

Daithi said...

I had a conversation not long ago with a man who said Daithi you are my friend but i don't support what you believe in, i replied if it was not for men like me we would still have the British in the 26 counties and we wouldn't even get a vote the first time around.

He then said that RSF is not the way to go.
He then said that we need another 1916 in the country.

I replied and who will you look to in order to lead the uprising ?

...we are the only party capable of leading the country into a mass protest against the government, but people of this country forget what we have achieved and in stead they listen to things that we haven,t, we have never delt in Drugs, the irish government stem from our party and since they split in the 1920's they have used propaganda straight from Devalara's moth to put republicans down.
This government do the work of the British empire .

The only party who believe that the country belongs to the people is RSF and whatever people say about us we have stayed true since 1798 Wolf Tone.