Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strain on rent relief as 32,000 foreigners claim aid

Recent figures, compiled when there were 89,000 claimants, show that 32,000 -- more than one third -- are non-nationals.

They show 7,638 Poles, 2,886 Nigerians, 2,108 Lithuanians, 1,512 Romanians and 1,318 Latvians among the highest categories of non-nationals being paid the benefit. People from 163 countries and territories, excluding Ireland, get the rent supplement.



Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the Brazilians.They have had a negative impact on the town of Gort in South Galway.

Daithi said...

I do believe that thousands of Brazilians are returning back to Brazil, they are the largest amount of people who are taking free flights (payed by the Irish tax payer) they also get 600 euro per person or 1200 per family to settle back into society .
so now all Brazilians have to do is get a one way ticket to Ireland which is cheaper than return, wait a few weeks on a mates floor , collect 600 euro free and a free return flight home.
The system is very flawed .
Other people to take this option are Nigerians ,Romanians but strangly enough Polish are not given the chance, many do not know that they can get 3 months payment while living back in their countrys , then all payments stop, i told a few pols of this and they jumped at the chance and have already gone home, how many more would if they new their rights ?

Hail Ireland ! said...

I don't see Brazilians returning home. In my area you wouldn't see a Brazilian a year ago, now they are working in the local shops.

Anyway the number of Brazilians in Ireland is miniscule compared to the number of Poles, Chinese, Lithuanians etc..

Daithi, do you have a link to this €600 you mention ?

Daithi said...
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Daithi said...

There are just a few thousand Lithuanians , 300,000 pols and over 100,000 Brazilians and 100,000 Chinese,(11,000 registered Chinese) altho both countrys make up more people than any other European country they account for more people without being apart of the EU.
There are more Chinese here than English altho the English are EU and Chinese are not...I contacted the minister for welfare and asked her why the department doesn't not tell foreign nationals of the 3 months payment they are entitled to if they return home, i had a standard fob me off letter in the post but still these thousands of foreigners have not been told of the entitlement , it is upto us to tell as many foreigners as possible and get the word out as it seems the government would rather keep these people taking off us for years to come.The ministers site doesn't even mention the payments although i have told loads of pols who have then gone to the welfare office and asked about it, they have then been told yes and gone home.

Hail Ireland ! said...

The last figures I've read for Lithuanians was 60,000. There's no way there are 100,000 Brazilians in Ireland, maybe 20,000 at most.