Tuesday, July 21, 2009

€152k - the bill for deporting just one man

The state has spent €152,000 deporting just one illegal immigrant to Ghana.

But the actual cost of the deportation is likely to be even higher, because the sum does not include garda overtime or subsistence payments, which have not been disclosed.

The Ghanaian deportation cost was 26 times the average cost of deporting an illegal from Ireland last year, which stood at €5,758, according to new figures. In total, 161 deportation orders were executed last year.

Details of the highest cost of a single deportation case to date this year have also been released. A man was transported to Georgia on March 27 last at a cost of €35,888.



Anonymous said...

Much easier and cheaper by giving them a one-way ticket home with a one-time-only bribe of 5,000 Euros in their pocket with a signed declaration to never return.

A disclaimer at the bottom could read something like this:

If I re-enter the country for any reason whatsoever, I'm willing to be shot on sight. :)

Anyhow, back to your jobs with you Irish...you're paying for all this unnecessary foolishness.

kerdasi amaq said...

Well, it's a lot cheaper to kick him out than to allow him stay.

Giving people €5000 euros just for entering the country. not on.

Daithi said...

If we payed 5000 euro for each person then it would send out a message to 6 billion other people in the world to come and get themselves 5000 euro for just entering the country.
silly idea that simply would not work, on the other hand if we only gave 5000 to the people that have been here for 2 or more years working and now have lost their jobs then it will save us paying them over 12,000 a year for years to come.
This would suit us better.

Hail Ireland ! said...

Give them nothing but a flight home. Make their embassies pay all the costs incured.