Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ireland to accept Guantanamo detainees

Justice Minister Dermot Ahern has confirmed that Ireland will accept two detainees being released from the US internment camp at Guatanamo Bay.

The two detainees are expected to be two Uzbek men who are being freed by the US because they have been found to pose no threat to security.


Hail Ireland ! said...

Why are they coming here, why not send them back to uzbekistan ?

Daithi said...

Money , and it has just been reported that it will cost the Irish tax payer almost 500,000 Euro a year on round the clock Garda protection.
The two men had a choice on where to go and they chose here as it is not safe in their own lands.
One of them will have their Mother , wife and child join them at our cost, thats 4 times welfare house, schooling , medical, Just for that one man. this can all amount to anything up to 300,000 just for him per year plus house.
We have thousands of people without being able to feed themselves each wk and here we are spending cash on more foreigners who probably cant even speak English and have no qualifications to gain work.
All this at a time where our own people are facing welfare cuts, are the cuts to find money to bring in extra welfare dependent people ?