Saturday, February 7, 2009

Polish journalist predicts race hate

Dublin-based Polish journalist Izabela Chudzicka said she predicts racist trouble in the country in the coming months.

I think there is a big problem with racism that will accelerate right now because of the job situation," said Izabela.

"A few years ago we talked about, 'Are the foreigners taking jobs from Irish people?' when there was no problem with it whatsoever. Imagine what will happen now when there is actually a problem with jobs."

"I had to straightaway get to know the culture, get to know the Irish what they are like," she said. "Now what I find, since 2004/2005 people started coming over, they lived with the Polish, worked with the Polish, bought the food in the Polish shop, got the satellite TV from Poland, they know nothing about this country".


sswkontakt said...

Chudzicka use the heavy words about "racial hate".She do the same what does blacks, jews etc: "You have no right to criticize immigration, this is racism and hate!".
It's wrong and danger.Im polish, I live in Ireland and I know that i'm just a guess here.Irish people have a right to fear about their jobs.Regards.
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Hail Ireland ! said...

We have every right to criticise immigration, especially Polish immigration, 250,000 or your countrymen are here. What good have they brought to Ireland ? None !

sswkontakt said...

Ofcourse you have right to criticise immigration.I wanted to say that Chudzicka makes some sick atmoshere with so-called "racial hate".In time of crisis that criticism is bigger and this is normal.What polish people brought to Ireland?I can't anwser.I think that many of them will go back to Poland in the nearest time, including me.I would like just ask, why "especialy polish immigration"?I know that this immigration is probably biggest at the moment, but what about thousands of Asians and other eastern europeans?Regards mate.

Hail Ireland ! said...

Why Polish immigration ?

This site opposes all mass immigration, We don't oppose Poles more that anyone else, in fact I prefer Poles to many other nationalities.

The figure for Polish migrant workers in Ireland is about 250,000, the next biggest ethnic groups are Chinese and Lithuanians at about 100,000 each, maybe a little more Chinese. The figures speak for themselves and I suppose that's why the media appears to mention them more often than others.

Anonymous said...

As I'm writing I'm sad. I'm Irish but a minority now in my area.As I write all I can hear outside is loud music and foreign accents. (non eu people) They have turned our area into a third world country.
I try not to hate these people must loath the tyrants who created this. The government and their friends in the EU.

Hail Ireland
Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

Ok so you asked what good bringed polish people to this country. Let me write something about me first. I am slovak living in Ireland 4 years and active in pro white movement for about 16 years. Now to the question. Polish people as same as other eastern europeans came here to work not to parasite. To work, means produce some type of goods that ireland was exporting and having some profit on it. The large companies in Ireland like IBM, intel, HP, Dell, etc. had alot of work vacancies in the past years and the more they produced the more corporate tax they paid to the Ireland. That's simple as that. All these people didn't came here to sit at home do nothing and ask social welfare about money like nigerians and 99% of african immigrants.
Another argument you may have is that these people are sending money to their homelands. For the first: Its their hard earned money so they can use it whatever they want to. You wouldn't like somebody to say you how you have to spend your hard earned money as well. For second: Irish people are sending more money outside of ireland than anyone else in this country. Just go to shop and buy shoes, jeans or anythiung you need what is marked "Made in Ireland". So that means if you buy shoes made in china you are actually sending your money to china. Ireland as an island with none or very limited natural resources can succeed only in offering services of such as financial, IT or educational type.

Hail Ireland ! said...

Polish or Slovak, it's all the same to me, foreign job stealers are foreign job stealers.

Your first point about jobs is just not the case, companies hired foreign workers because they were cheaper than Irish workers. Companies replaced Irish workers with these less expensive substitutes. Foreigners were happy to work for the minimum wage of €7 when an Irish worker was getting several more euro per hour. Irish natives have expensive rent or mortages, migrant workers were often living several to a room to keep the rent down because they had no intention of staying here for a long time.

Your second point about money is just ridiculous, these migrants were here to make money for their lives in their own countries.
It's not their money, it's our money they stole from us.

Aryan Space said...

Ok so I am not sure if you really know what you are talking about. Do you know what economics is? How it works what it does contain? You should look on Irish companies who withdrawn jobs from irish people and moved to Ecuador like Fuit of the Loom from Donegal. By the way do you know that Ireland earned about 5 billion euro on corporate tax from foreign companies which wouldn't be able to make such profit without foreign workers?
On the other way do you want to tell me that your irish ancestors was stealing jobs from fellows americans and australians when they was emigrating to these countries? Between years 1848 and 1950 over 6 million adults and children emigrated from Ireland. And what about mass emigration in 70s' when about 200 000 people from west coast was looking for jobs in UK? Was they stealing jobs from Brits?
Actually without foreigner workforce all these big companies would move out from ireland few years ago. These companies don't care about irish people to live better but just to have more profit.
If you think that foreigners stolen any money from you than you must steal money from your employer and your government as well.
This is the most stupid argument I ever heard. Do you have any racionally explanation how is possible to steal money which you get for your hard work?
You should imagine what will happen if all foreigner workers leave ireland. There will be lack of labor force so companies will be looking for some other places where to move or your government to keep them here will import next 200 000 asians or better romanian gypsies. Maybe this is what you want :) isn't it?

Hail Ireland ! said...

I know how economics works.

I know that cheap foreign workers causes job losses for Irish nationals.

I know that some companies have moved out of Ireland.

I know that the large multi-nationals are not the only type of companies we have here.

I know that large multi-nationals are not needed in Ireland.

I know there are thousands of Eastern Europeans sitting at "home" and asking the social welfare for money, the stories are posted on this site.

I know that these migrants are sending money out of Ireland, money they "stole" by coming here to work and causing Irish people to loose their jobs.

I know that Irish people can send Irish money wherever they want, because it's their money.

I know we don't need 500,000 foreign workers to fill unskilled jobs here.

I know that Eastern European have no history here.

I know the Irish have a long history with the UK because of geographic location. There has been a common travel policy between the two for many years. They have the same rights here as we do there.

I know that the Irish have a long history with the USA. Irish, being part of the UK at the time, were some of the first to colonise it.

I know you are making pathetic attempts to justify your existence in my country.

Anonymous said...

Actually my reason to be in this country is very different of what you think but it makes no sense to me to discuss it with someone who can't understand that nobody can steal money from Ireland because Irelad don't have any money without these multinationals paying taxes. Ireland have no natural resources, Ireland have no heavy industry, Ireland have not so much for export to earn some money.

Hail Ireland ! said...

Ireland would survive well enough without multi-nationals, you have a narrow Capitalist way of viewing the situation.

You are just making excuses for being here, even your name "Aryan Space" is a way to justify yourself. "Aryan" is often used by East European Slavs to give an impression that we are all the same, even though Adolf Hitler didn't agree.

"Pro White"! Is that your justification for doing to Ireland exactly what African and Asian immigrants are doing ?

kevin said...

In june of 2007 i lost my job as a plumber from a company i had worked for over 12 years, there were about 20 eastern europeans who kept their jobs not because they were better than me but because they worked for 12 euros less per hour, where is the fairness in that, how would they feel if i went to their country and behaved like this,