Thursday, February 26, 2009

More than 30 Nigerians deported last night

MORE THAN 30 Nigerian nationals were deported from Ireland last night on a flight to Lagos. The charter flight landed in Dublin carrying 45 deportees from the UK and seven from Switzerland and Germany before leaving for the Nigerian capital.

The Irish Refugee Council has called for one of the deportees to be allowed to return to Ireland to care for her two young sons, who were born here and who have Irish citizenship.

The 32-year-old woman, who had been living in Mosney, Co Meath, with the children, aged 2½ and nine months, was deported last night after her application for asylum was denied.


Anonymous said...

Thats great news on top of the others deported the month before but i very much doubt the trend will continue as the economy declines the government wont spend the cash.
If the government leave these people with just a letter then the people will struggle to survive and leave themselves we hope.
The government should buy not rent a plane and staff it themselves and use it like a shuttle survice and even charge other countrys to take theirs back to whatever country not just Nigeria.
That Nigerian women should not be allowed back as she only had the children to get status and allowing her back will see the return of many more or it will show a loophole in staying in Ireland.
Facts from around the world show that Asylum women are less likely to ever work and this goes for female kids that they have.
Deport all stop the rot now we still have time and a chance to save Ireland.

Hail Ireland ! said...

If they didn't let them in in the first place the Irish taxpayer wouldn't have to pay to have them deported. They would never leave of their own accord.

Anonymous said...

likewise irish abroad,should they all be deported? particularly in the usa and uk? re-think,dumps!!!

Hail Ireland ! said...

The Irish have close historical and cultural ties with the US and UK. We were once part of the UK and we were among the Europeans who helped build the US.