Monday, February 9, 2009

Migrant job losses up 142pc

The number of foreign nationals claiming unemployment benefits has jumped by 142pc in the past year, compared to 70pc for Irish citizens during the same period.

Almost one-fifth of the total 327,861 people currently on the Live Register are foreign nationals, according to the CSO.


Hail Ireland ! said...

I see they're still staying here to claim the dole.

Anonymous said...

Remember your old pour days before the EU pumped all the money into this country! Without the EU the Irish would still be on the fields digging dirt....
Anyway if you want to send all the foreigners home then you should take all Irish immigrants back from the US and the UK. BE CONSEQUENT!
Just a few thoughts from an EU citizen from Dublin.

Hail Ireland ! said...

By "digging dirt" I take it you mean our agriculture industry.

The US and UK have a long history with Ireland, the UK is next door to us and the Irish are the second largest ethnic group in the US. We have much in common with both countries. I would be happy for Irish nationals to return home.

Many of the immigrants in Ireland today have no history here and are only here to take from us. From 2004 we have been flooded with job stealing immigrants from Eastern Europe, thanks to the EU.

Anonymous said...

ireland has done its bit for estern europe. we are one of three eu nations that allowed them in to work,so we have carried the can long enough its now time to slam the door.