Monday, December 22, 2008

Romanian cheque scam costs finance company €5k

A FINANCIAL service company lost €5,000 in a week to a scam operated by Romanian nationals passing cancelled Revenue cheques.

The firm has said apparently genuine cheques it has cashed for customers have been declared invalid by the Revenue Commissioners.

It has not yet been established why they were cancelled, but the cheque cashing company has been inundated by highly convincing forgeries.

Chequers 4 Cash has said the problem of invalid and forged cheques is costing it tens of thousands of euro a year.

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Garreth said...

Ha! That 'financial service' company charges what to cash a cheque? Ten percent I think, maybe more. Granted they have a big risk margin, but still... only the most economically disadvantaged required their services. I won't lose any sleep over these predators being preyed on in turn by 'Romanian nationals'.