Friday, December 12, 2008

Deportation of 56 illegal immigrants costs €150k

ALMOST 60 illegal immigrants were deported last night at a cost of more than €150,000 to the Irish taxpayer.

The Nigerian deportees included two criminals who were convicted of serious crimes while in Ireland.

The rapist and drug dealer were flown from Dublin to Lagos, in what was the biggest deportation flight organised by immigration authorities here.

Some 16 children and a group of illegal immigrants who were seeking residence in Britain were also among the group.


Anonymous said...

I suppose the media darling, tax-sucking fraudster, Pamela Izevbekhai and her children were not on that expensive but necissary flight out of Ireland.

The EU Courts can burn to the ground for all I care. They have no shame in the race replacement game.

30.06 Liberator

Anonymous said...

At least in Ireland they sent the criminal back to where he came from, here in America he would have been granted asylum and given a union job and government assisted housing.

Daithi said...

What i dont get in Ireland is why a person who commits a crime and is jailed , still is allowed to ask for asylum and sometimes gets it, a large amount of asylum cases are done from in Jail usually mountjoy in Dublin.
The persons convictions are not under our constitution allowed to be used when dealing with asylum.
So if anyone comes here and killed 10 people they still may get asylum to remain in the state .
the government should close our doors for the next 10 years to allow us to get back to normal, i for one tax payer dont mind paying extra for tickets for these people back to their own countrys, in fact i bet i can raise the cash for buying a private plane and leand without charge to the irish government.