Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deported Nigerian conman sets up political party

A Nigerian conman who was deported from Ireland has set up a political party in Britain, and plans to field candidates in next year’s European elections.

Andre John-Salakov has registered the PLC Party with an address in Rotterdam. According to Britain’s electoral commission, Salakov plans to run candidates for election in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as in the European elections. Salakov is listed as party leader, nominating officer and campaigns officer, while the treasurer is his partner, Wendy Wong. On the party website, Salakov says that the PLC Party is ’‘for the Family, for a Tolerant Society, for Law Reform, for Stronger Europe, and for British globally’’.

Salakov had a long record of clashes with the law in England before coming to Dublin and setting up a ‘Public Law Centre’. In 1999, Southwark Crown Court in London jailed him for 30 months on 19 counts of fraud and posing as a barrister. He had tried to persuade the National Lottery to give him £10.6 million to set up a legal advice service.

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