Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Racist" poster feeds on fears of our OAPs

Anti-racism campaigners have joined forces with Labour politician Eric Byrne in denouncing racist posters that have have appeared on Dublin streets.

Dublin Councillor Eric Byrne said that he had recently removed several of the racist posters from outside post offices in the city.

"These posters, which depict an elderly white lady under the slogan "I'm over-70 and will have to pay for my health care" juxtaposed with a photo of a man of African or Asian extraction under the slogan "I'm over here and get it free" are clearly designed to stir up racial hatred, said Cllr Byrne.



Hail Ireland ! said...

Excellent poster which speaks the truth, our poltiicians of course are afraid of the truth.

English Friend said...

Good to see the irish waking up & let's hope that they will soon also realise tht the 'British' are not really the enemy (although, I will admit the so called British Aristocracy once were). Celtic Power!

Anonymous said...

Keep putting the posters up. Also, you can get that slogan printed on t-shirts or sweat-shirts(hoodies)and wear the slogan!

Hail Ireland ! said...

To English friend.

As long as the British establishment rule Northern Ireland they will be considered an enemy.

Having said that, individual English, Scottish and Welsh are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.Irish Patriot you are.

Anonymous said...

We need a so called far right party in Ireland urgently.

We have had a decade of lawlessnes through the imposition of mass immigration and illegal immigration mandated by extreme liberals.

We now need a counter movement of political extremism to rid our country of these undesireables.

Anonymous said...

The posters message is painfully true.

The only thing racist is the truth of the matter; giving predominantly third world asylum seekers FREE services, money and education, while reducing the rightfully deserved benefits of the elderly Irish.

Absolutely sickening.

Whomever is distributing these posters, keep up the good work, and the good fight. God bless ye!

30.06 Liberator

Anonymous said...

Notice it's never whether something is true or not, but whether it's "RACIST". Politically correct bullshit. Ireland needs a patriotic, nationalistic party with traditional values, and quickly, while you still have a country left!
Immigrants go home!