Monday, October 6, 2008

Gardai seek Arabic recruits

The Gardai have launched a campaign to attract its first Arab recruits.

Posters advertising a new round of recruitment were today on the force’s website, with appeals in Arabic to join up.

The gardai already have several Chinese officers and now want to extend its cultural mix by recruiting Arabic speakers.

The campaign does not expressly state it but some of those who sign up may join the gardai’s fight against extremism.

However, it is thought that the vast majority of recruits would be assigned to the frontline in day to day uniform police work.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So in the name of diversity, an Irish would-be candidate for the Gardai can loose out this position because of his skin color or

These Chinese and muslim Gardai will learn the system and tip off would be deportees and foreign drug dealers. This only takes more power away from the Irish in their own country.

This is not America people. The blood of your ancestors was not sacrificed for everyone else in the world to have a good or better chance than their own descendants.

Now repeat the mantra (as you loose your house, your job and go to the back of the line for dole handouts):

Diversity is good for the Irish
Diversity is good for the Irish
Diversity is good for the Irish...

30.06 Liberator