Monday, October 6, 2008

Increase in number of migrants repatriated

THE GOVERNMENT repatriated more than 500 eastern European migrants to their home countries so far this year under a scheme aimed at assisting destitute immigrants.

In the eight months leading up to August a total of 511 migrants were repatriated. The number for the full year is set to well exceed last year's total of 538 repatriations.

The figures come at a time when unemployment among foreign nationals is rising sharply, with an increase of almost 80 per cent in the number of non-Irish signing onto the live register over the past year.


Joe McGoebbels said...

Pity they wont chuck out all those illegal Nigerians.

Anonymous said...

How many, if any, were roma gypsies? Yeah right.

Great idea guys-get rid of the Eastern Europeans and keep the sub-saharan africans who may well be muslim in faith to boot.

Too bad the Eastern Europeans can't play the 'Asylum Card' like most of the African scammers do.

All in all, this is bad-good news for Ireland's immigration crisis.

30.06 Liberator

Hail Ireland ! said...

Good riddence to them, job stealing parasites.

The problem is now they know they'll get a free ticket home, so why should they pay for it themselves.

Ireland For The Irish !

Anonymous said...

with our crashing economy ,the bailout for corrupt bankers and builders we the ordinary Irish have been abandoned to compete for our resources with nigerian invaders.

There is now an overwhelming moral and ethical case for a nationalist socialist movement to protect our people and restore our sovereignty.

It must be a policy of this movement to deport all illegal nigerian immigrants and strip their children of citizenship.We do not accept them as Irish.The very thought is revolting.

Targeting Irelands national identity for their material gain is extreme racism perpetrated by these nigerians against the Irish.

Anonymous said...

Right again hail ireland
Ireland for the Irish!


Please don't feed the invaders!

30.06 Liberator