Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No right to work for non-EU family members

THE GOVERNMENT is removing the right to work for non-EU family members of EU citizens while they await a decision on their right to residency in Ireland.

The decision reflects concerns over rising unemployment and the Department of Justice’s ongoing campaign targeting so-called “sham marriages” between EU citizens and third country nationals.

Under current rules, the family members of EU citizens who settle in the Republic can work while the Government considers their right to residency. It usually takes six months for the department to process residency cards.



Ana Day said...

Are you against foreigners living in Ireland?

Hail Ireland ! said...


Daithi said...

Ana Day.... what sort of comment is that , just because a person publishes stories that have already been in the national news papers it does not mean they are against foreign people or at all racist in any way.

All this site does is to provide a one stop shop for a certain subject and to allow people of all nationalities to comment on what is in the news.

I for one read on a regular bases the stories that Hail Ireland researches through the media outlets .

I like many other people do think that our immigration is a joke and it should be managed better , i am not for an all open boarder , i think that Irish people should all be in work before we allow foreign people to even be excepted into our work force , this is a feeling that many people in their own country has towards immigration .

It is natural for people to look towards their own people and to want to look out for them above foreign people , this does not make them racist or anti immigrant.

we have almost 500,000 people out of work and i think it is time for employers to only except Irish people into the work force , every person from another country who takes a job is actually damaging our economy further , they send money out of the country whereas an Irish person would spend at least 95% of the wages here producing more work for other people .
A Foreign person will send much money back to their native land taking it from our economy , thats less taxes here for our schools and services , we are borrowing billions every year to pay for welfare because we do not get enough taxes on selling goods to pay for it.
A foreign worker who loses their job then claims welfare here , they will send a portion of that money home not caring that we are borrowing it to pay them in the first place at a rate of €4 to every €1 borrowed , so we are borrowing money which is then costing us in interest and at the same time a foreign person is sending it back out of the country.

Having foreign people here is actually costing us our services and culture .
we are a very small country and the impact is huge , a foreign person is always the first to shout that they are not making a bad impact on us , they are selfish and usually from a country that has not yet seen mass immigration .

I do not think that all our problems are immigrant based , our government handle things very badly and companies got greedy , i except this but we have too many immigrants for our structure to handle , we are losing to much money that is being sent out of the country , immigrants do not bring money into the country as they are here in order to send it out , we can only survive on new money being generated by mainly tourist , these tourist are stopping coming because all they meat are foreign people in our shops , bars , taxis , buses , hotels and other places tourist visit , believe it or not tourist are here to meat Irish people and not foreign people , tourism is all that we have ever had and because of so many foreign people we have seen a huge decline as foreign workers know nothing of our way of life and culture , they are not apart of us and therefore visitors do not learn about our country .

Hail Ireland... i do apologies for the rant and long mail but i hope somewhere in this i made sense .

Ana Day said...

I see. So you are against foreign people living in Ireland. A somewhat long-winded way to say it, but I get the picture. Thank you!

Daithi said...

Ana Day , are you seriously this stupid , i repeatedly said that i or Hail Ireland are not anti Immigrant , i clearly pointed out the problems that immigration cause in the economy and the destruction of the Irish culture , not once did i ever say that i do not want immigrants to live here.
It is people like you that give immigrants a bad name and actually turn the Irish people against you , and if you actually read the post i did say further down the following ....

I do not think that all our problems are immigrant based , our government handle things very badly and companies got greedy .

Again not once did i ever say we do not want immigrants to live here , you read what you wanted to read and not what i posted .

If you are to be taken seriously then please comment on what i actually said and not what false impression you have inside your own mind.

Pro immigrant support groups actually have very little support , the majority of their support are other immigrants or those who have been given asylum , the actually Irish people have never been given a voice.