Wednesday, May 5, 2010

75% of applications for asylum here rejected

THE GOVERNMENT rejected three-quarters of the 4,040 asylum applications it considered last year, which is slightly higher than the average rejection rate in the EU.

Some 1,030 people were given positive decisions, providing them with the legal right to remain in the Republic. The vast majority of successful applicants (885) were allowed to stay in the country for humanitarian reasons, such as having an Irish citizen child. Some 105 people got refugee status and 40 people were awarded subsidiary protection, according to the EU statistics agency, Eurostat

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Daithi said...

If i am not mistaken a couple of years ago the site , Immigration control platform , posted a story which said that 90% of all claims are unfounded , so how are only 75% now deemed unfounded as in this article ?
Are we actually lowering our standard and allowing more in ?